Kyocera Revealed Ceramic Transducer Technology

Kyocera Revealed Ceramic Transducer Technology for Future Mobile Phones

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Kyocera Revealed Ceramic Transducer TechnologyWhen it comes to making a voice call or sending a text message, no matter what features they have, all mobile phones work pretty much the same. You listen through a small speaker on the top of the handset, while at the bottom of the phone, a microphone captures your voice. At CTIA 2012 Kyocera demonstrates a new technology that uses different approach. In a nutshell, Kyocera uses a ceramic transducer to generate vibrations instead of normal sound. When the phone touches the external parts of users’ ear, vibrations can be transmitted through tissues and bones straight to the inner parts of the ear. Users can hear clearer sound, because background noises can’t interfere with it.

Kyocera has internally developed the ceramic transducer for this purpose, which isn’t surprising considering that the Japanese company is a major player in applied materials industry. An executive at Kyocera revealed that the technology was originally developed for an advanced form of hearing aids. Implementation in phone is now feasible due to reduction in costs.

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