Jolla’s Sailfish OS Will be Released Soon

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Jolla Sailfish

Dubbed Sailfish OS, Jolla’s upcoming mobile platform has made the nerds among us to get really excited. Engadget recently previewed an early device model running the operating system and they have published a video demo detailing the interface and all its gestures-oriented goodness. The main focus of the interface is gestures and it doesn’t seem to have a “Back” button, which characterizes many smartphones today.

Going back to previous pages is performed through swipes and it has a “pulley” menu structure, which automatically chooses an app depending how far users drag down the screen. Essential information like signal and battery strengths is also only a swipe away. The Sailfish OS may redefine the mobile industry with its unique interface, but the gesture-focused interface may require some getting used to.

The SDK for Sailfish OS may be available for download within a few months and this should lead to faster development for third party apps. The Linux-based platform supports various chipset technologies and Jolla has worked with ST-Ericsson for better optimization NovaThor architecture.

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