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Jolla’s Problem Solved: Its MeeGo Smartphones Will Run Android Apps

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MeeGo SmartphonesJolla sets about an ambitious task of introducing new MeeGo smartphones into the industry. Today, Nokia N9 is the only smartphone that runs the open-source platform and some experts consider this a crucial mistake. The company has the opportunity to match Google with an alternative open-source offering. Jolla is a much smaller Finnish-based venture and it has picked up the pieces by developing a new MeeGo device.

One of the most important questions is how to build the non-existent app ecosystem from scratch and compete with Apple’s App Store and Google Play store. Thanks to its open-source nature, Jolla is able to incorporate Android, HTML5 and Qt applications to Meego using the application compatibility layer.

Many experts were thrilled about the openness of MeeGo and some even stated that the OS offers better multitasking capability than the competition. Jolla is definitely working on a solution that has an opportunity to grow big. If recent fanfare towards MeeGo OS among developers is of any indication, we could be up for an interesting autumn.

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