Jolla Finally Introduces Its First Sailfish OS Smartphone

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Jolla Sailfish OS SmartphoneJolla, a company founded by former Nokia engineers is hoping to grab a share in the highly competitive, yet lucrative smartphone market. Its open-source Sailfish operating system is based on the Meego, a platform Nokia abandoned a couple of years ago.

After a long wait, finally Jolla officially announces a sleek 4.5-inch smartphone that shares some design characteristics with Nokia’s Lumia models. It features fast 4G LTE data connectivity, 8Mp rear-facing camera and the reasonably capable Nokia’s HERE mapping service. To address concerns on apps availability, the Sailfish OS is configured to support many standard Android apps.

The head of Jolla software, Marc Dillon, said that the Sailfish OS givens the company a significant edge over competing platforms. It is a powerful and very agile software solution that’s an alternative for consumers.

Initially, the smartphone is priced at nearly $600 or 399 Euro, which is rather expensive for a smartphone that doesn’t have a standout feature. The phone is equipped with 16GB of internal storage, standard camera and nearly 10 hours of battery life. However, the phone still has some nice touches, including user-replaceable battery and multiple swipe features. It’s clear that Jolla’s new phone isn’t a Samsung Galaxy S4 or iPhone 5S killer.

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