JDI Introduces New OLED 1080p Display for Future Smartphones

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Future SmartphonesSamsung currently dominates the smartphone OLED display production and it may soon face a new competitor. A venture backed by the Japanese government has developed a new 5.2” 1080p OLED display aimed for future smartphones. JDI is consisted of three major electronics giants, Toshiba, Hitachi and Sony. They claim through a publication that the 5.2” display can be more superior to Samsung’s technology, which is based on diamond-shaped matrix solution.

JDI’s display uses a technology reminiscent to WhiteMagic, previously announced by Sony. It involves adding an extra white pixel to the conventional RGB setup. The high 1080p resolution is achieved through the combination of white OLED, low-temperature polysilicon and drive technologies.

This allows for better color representation and increased brightness than Samsung’s AMOLED solutions. Sony used the WhiteMagic technology to the Xperia P, which nearly reaches one thousand nits of brightness. However, many reviewers agreed that its color representation is a little bit off.

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