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It May Be Too Early To Call The Heat Issue On The New Ipad as The “Heatgate”

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Apple New iPadAnyone would agree that the new iPad is a tad hotter than its predecessors, which is understandable considering the faster dual-core processor, quad-core GPU and the 9.7″ screen with Retina Display technology it uses. Users who measured the temperature independently found that the tablet is on average 10 degrees Fahrenheit hotter.

The heat is more evident at the lower tight corner of the tablet after it has been used for more than ten minutes. It is exactly where the battery is located and just above is, there’s a logic board where the dual-core A5X processor and the integrated quad-core GPU sit.

Finally, Apple made an official statement saying that the increase in temperature is still within specifications.

The more powerful battery and processor are the most likely reasons for the increased temperature, which is more easily felt when the tablet is used to play demanding 3D games. The high resolution display also contributes significantly to the heat issue as the tablet needs to deal with for times the amount if pixels. The higher pixel density also means that the tablet needs to uses higher power for backlight. The new iPad has about 80 LEDs, which emit 2.5 times more heat than the predecessor.

Many experts say that it is too early to consider the heat issue as “heatgate”. The new iPad is certainly a bit warmer, but most users say that the tablet runs just fine. The heat issue would only become a problem if it causes major hardware failures after prolonged usages, but nothing like it ever happened before. More than 3 million units of the new iPad have been delivered and as more people use the tablet, we will get clearer picture on this issue.

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