It is Now Possible to Try Windows Phone 7 UI on Android and iOS Devices

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Test-driving a mobile platform can take many hours, if you’re not familiar with it and standing for hours inside a cell phone emporium is definitely not a good way to test one. Luckily, if you’re considering to purchase a Windows Phone device to complement your current iOS or Android handset, it is now possible to test drive Windows Phone right on those popular mobile platforms. Microsoft recently released an interactive WP7 demo and it should give you an opportunity to experience a WP device, without buying one. You simply need to visit from your iOS or Android device to open HTML5-powered webpages that imitate WP7 homescreens and interface elements. You can quickly try main features, such as Messaging, People, Phone, Family, Outlook and others without installing anything.

By tapping any of these tools, users can get semi-guided demo and the opportunity to flip pages and scroll scenes along the way. When you reach the end of particular demo, you have the opportunity to start over. Truth be told, many Android and iOS users never have the opportunity to try or even see a Windows Phone interface. However, it’s very likely that they’ll like it. Windows Phone 7 offers lovely interface, a dramatic improvement the catastrophic mess that was Windows Mobile. There is an elegance and logic to it that’s unfortunately lacking in both iOS and Android. The demo may not cause you to dump your iPhone immediately, but it’s certainly a mission accomplished for Microsoft. It is a smart, instant way to garner respect from users of competing platforms.

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