Is Samsung Galaxy Nexus a Good Buy?

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Unfortunately, we may never get a device that truly has it all. So, even if you just purchase the so-called “best in class”, it may still have some flaws. To develop such a smartphone would be a poor business decision, due to the high costs involved. The technology in this industry evolved so fast, that the most advanced phone today may not be tomorrow.

So, unless you have the money and don’t mind switching to a new phone almost each month, you shouldn’t try to get the best phone in the market. Instead, you should find the one that best meets your requirements. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the first phone to come preloaded with Ice Cream Sandwich and it is a great differentiators in the phone industry. Other makers said that they will bring an update, but no one knows when it will happen. Although the Galaxy Nexus has top notch processing power and a marvelous display, some of its hardware aspects are less than impressive. For example, it doesn’t have a memory card slot and the 5Mp camera produce relatively mediocre shots. It is somewhat disappointing, because Ice Cream Sandwich offers the ability to edit and manipulate photos. It’s a tough call when deciding between Galaxy Nexus and other high-end Android phones, because when it comes to specification, they are quite similar.

Android 4.0 is supposed to simplify things in the Android realm, by bringing together the smartphone and tablet platforms into a single package. The software upgrade offers us a slew of tweaks and improvement and if some of the benefits you get from Ice Cream Sandwich can make a difference in your life, then Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a good buy.

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