iPhone Users Wi Fi Networks

iPhone Owners Use Wi-Fi Networks More Often than Their Android Counterparts

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iPhone Users Wi Fi NetworksiPhone users in the United States and the United Kingdom use Wi-Fi more often than users of Android handsets, based on survey data released by comScore. An analysis across various mobile platforms in the United States found that 71 percent of connections to Wi-Fi networks were from iOS devices, while only 32 percent were from Android. A quick takeaway on this data would be that iPhone users are getting more out of their handsets and use them in place of bigger devices, such as notebooks. However, Android owners have only recently used more data plan from carriers.

Carriers are now struggling to keep up with the rising demands for faster data connection. As the spectrum and bandwidth usage become scarcer; carriers, phone makers and OEMs need to understand of the dynamics of wireless technology in the industry. They need to optimize resources and develop strategies to provide users with stable, high quality network service. There are also differences between users in both countries, with users in the UK consumed more data from Wi-Fi networks.  To economize their mobile usages, consumers usually access data through Wi-Fi networks and this habit is influenced by the higher incidence of pay-as-you-go data plans and the scarcity of unlimited data plans. Many households in both countries set up local WLAN networks that allow mobiles devices to share data access from DSL and other wired broadband Internet connections, which allow them to get unlimited data plan at relatively lower monthly charges.

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