iPhone Can Finally Integrate Well with Android Wear

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Android Wear iPhoneThe iOS environment is known to be more seamless than Android. iPhone users are able to switch to a new phone, provided it’s also an iPhone. All data, settings and contacts stored in iCloud can be transferred to the new iPhone device. With such a convenience, not many iPhone users are willing to quit the iOS environment for the open-source Android platform. Apple has clearly devised a system that keeps users more loyal. However, it is actually possible for iPhone users to have an Android device and it’s based on the Android Wear software.

It’s a good thing that Android is an open-source platform and it could be adjusted to match the iOS. Latest version of the smartwatch software platform could actually work well when paired with the iOS. Google has officially stated that the Android Wear perfectly bridges the gap between Google’s and Apple’s software. Both platforms should be able to coexist without causing major interface problems. At the moment, only LG Urbane is using the new Android Wear version and it shows what Android devices could actually do. Although it’s too early to confirm, it appears that Android Wear OS on Urbane is working really well with iOS.

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