iPhone-Based iBeetle is Delivered for VW Car Owners

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VolksWagen iBeetleLike peas and carrots, Apple iPhone and Volkswagen Beetle will seem like they belong together. This new development is announced by the German car maker at the Shanghai Auto Show. The iBeetle is essentially an iPhone dock that placed at the center console. This should allow users to have text messages spoken to them, pictures/videos taken, navigation instruction shown or music played if they have the right apps installed.

Volkswagen said that they are still finalizing how the system will be implemented for US consumers. It may be based on standard plug-in configuration or WiFi, but none of these features are confirmed yet.

iBeetle includes a number of feature including Trainer, which offers comparative information on fuel economy, travel distances and driving times. Expert can turn the iPhone into a sophisticated onboard mechanical instrument, which includes compass, chronometer, coolant/oil temperature gauges and G-Meter. Photo can send photographs inside the car to popular social networks.

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