Purple Tint Flaw

iPhone 5’s Camera Could Be Affected By Purple Tint Flaw

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Purple Tint FlawWe have reports recently that iPhone 5 produces images with purple tint in certain lighting condition. Experts believe that the purple haze that comes across the image is caused by the Sapphire glass and as we all know, Sapphire is a bluish purple gem. The unintended effect may easily fudge up pictures under specific situations, although the phone is capable of compensating it somewhat in certain conditions. Another possibility is that the imaging sensor is overloaded by light.

During the official announcement, Apple didn’t mention anything about optical coating, which can be used to minimize this kind of glare. No purple haze is detected when the primary source of light is shown inside the frame. The issue also appears to be more pronounced when artificial lighting is used.

The camera issue adds another disappointment among early adopters of the iPhone 5. The Maps app is a disaster, the aluminum back plate can be scratched quite easily and in terms of innovation, the iPhone 5 is really not that groundbreaking, like the first iPhone model

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