iPhone 5 Battery

iPhone 5’s Battery May Not Be Too Impressive

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iPhone 5 BatteryA new image appeared on the Internet and it could be the same unit to be used by the iPhone 5. With a capacity of 1440mAh, it is only a very slight improvement to iPhone 4S’ 1430mAh battery. The voltage also increases slightly from 3.7V in iPhone 4S to 3.8V, which results in a power delivery rate of 5.45 Watt-hour, again slightly higher than iPhone 4S’ 5.3 Watt-hour. A quick assessment also reveals that the battery could be a tad larger than previous battery units. It may have very small increase in voltage and capacity, but Apple regularly bumps up the performance of the battery to handle more tasks and more powerful hardware configurations. This year’s model could have a faster processor, larger display and support for LTE, three biggest power hogs in today’s mobile devices.

Nevertheless, Apple has tried to fix the battery discharge issue since the iOS 5, so a combination of the new battery and iOS 6 could deliver a bit more life to the iPhone 5 from the get-go.

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