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iPhone 5 Rumors Roundup for 2nd Week of April

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iPhone 5 RumorsApple’s upcoming smartphone is expected to arrive in Q3 this year, perhaps in October. Collective rumors suggest that the company will release new model of Mac first, which will come with new operating system, before releasing the new iPhone.

The iPhone 5 is expected to come with a modified form of A5X dual core processor, which is also used on the iPad. The phone is also expected to ship with 1Gb of RAM, rear-facing camera with larger resolution, bigger display and a few design changes. Some rumors suggested that the phone will have a 4.6″ display, while others predict a 3.99″ display. If the iPhone 5 will have a 4.6” display, it should have a resolution close to 1280×800 pixels to maintain a pixel density of 330 ppi, required by Retina display technology.

The A5X processor and the quad-core GPU will be more than enough to power a bigger display on the upcoming iPhone. The larger display may also allow the designer team to make a thinner iPhone, perhaps thinner than the iPhone 4S.

The larger display and more powerful processor require bigger battery, additionally many users reported that a smartphone with 4G LTE capability tends to consume more power, compared to when a device that runs only on 3G network.

Many high end Android smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy SIII will have displays larger than 4.5″ and if Apple wants to stay as the leader of the pack, it needs to release an iPhone with bigger display.

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