iPhone 5 May Feature NFC Capability

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iPhone 5 May Feature NFC CapabilityWhile Apple’s upcoming smartphone is often rumored to have a new design and larger display. A new rumor suggests that the iPhone 5 will feature NFC (Near Field Communication). A NFC chip allows people to send data in a much more convenient and reliable way than using Bluetooth. Bump two NFC phone gently together to transfer photos or clips or tap a NFC phone to the credit card reader to make payment.

Code used for the next iPhone is likely to have a code to support NFC controllers. To back up this, we should also consider previous NFC-related patents filed by Apple.  Apple showed off the iOS 6 at the WWDC conference and it will be delivered to current and upcoming iPhone and iPad models. Included in the new OS version is Passbook, which provides direct access to your loyalty cards. Many speculate Passbook will have NFC support.

Android devices have been using NFC technology for a while and Samsung Galaxy S3 already features an improved implementation of NFC, the TecTiles.

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