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iPhone 5 Could be Less Toxic than Samsung Galaxy S3

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iPhone 5Recent examinations by iFixit show that the new iPhone 5 may contain less toxic materials than Samsung’s flagship. Researches pulled dozens of phones in the Ecology Center at Ann Arbor and with the X-Ray florescence spectrometry method they were able to determine the chemicals make up of an object. Most of the phones checked are marketed as green phones. Each product is graded between 0 and 5, the greener the lower

The world-famous Apple iPhone 5 gets a 2.69 score and researchers considered it a “low concern”, while the Samsung Galaxy S3 score 2.99 or considered as “medium concern”. The Motorola Citrus is found to be the least toxic with a score of 2.56 and the iPhone 2G is the most toxic with the highest possible score of 5. This concludes that Apple has successfully reduced toxic materials from their products. On the other hand, Samsung’s toxicity level seems inconsistent across its immense product lineup, with Reclaim, Evergreen and Captivate as the cleanest and the SCH-U140 as the dirtiest.

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