iPhone 5 Electricity Cost

iPhone 5 Costs Less Than Half a Dollar to Charge Each Year

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iPhone 5 Electricity CostHave you ever wondered how much money you’d spend to charge your sleek, powerful smartphone?

You might think that, with its larger display and more powerful processor the iPhone 5 will cost you dearly over the years. However, latest calculations and researches show that users only need to spend 41 cents in electricity cost each year. The iPhone 4 with its dinkier 3.5” screen costs a bit less to use with 38 cents per year. However, with its large 4.8” display, iPhone 5’s bitterest rival; the Samsung Galaxy S3 costs noticeably more at 53 cents.

Still, this is just a very small sum amount of money to spend for charging your sleek handset for the whole year, so you’d hardly notice it. When compared to much larger electronics devices, smartphones look significantly much more efficient. A laptop costs more than $8 each year to charge on average and huge screen gadgets like plasma TV sets and latest gaming console may cost you more $40 per year in electricity cost.

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