Apple iPad Mini

iPad Mini Will be Announced Officially at October 17

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Apple iPad MiniApple will be sending invitations on October 10 for an event that will be held on October 17. It is very likely that Apple will introduce a smaller version of the iPad. The rumor originated from a major Apple investor and by speculating at the name “Mini, we will surely get a smaller iPad model. The device will come with a 7.85 display, which makes that tablet a tad squarer than other 7” tablets in the market. The new slate is likely to come with a price tag of between $249 and $299.

The company expects that it will sell 8 million iPad Mini during Q4 2012 alone. It is not yet known how the iPad Mini will affect the sales of the 3rd gen. iPad. Many potential buyers will choose to purchase the smaller iPad, which will be detrimental to Apple’s revenue. On the other hand, the new iPad model will easily steal some users from Kindle Fire HD, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 and Google Nexus 7.

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