Apple iPad Mini

iPad Mini is Confirmed: It Will Arrive on October

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Apple iPad MiniiPad Mini is among the most speculated devices in the industry and according to trusted sources, it could arrive after the iPhone 5 is out of door. The tablet may have a display smaller than 8” and it should finally be uncrated in an October event. Experts previously posited that both the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini will be debuted at a single event. It is quite easy to suspect that Apple is reluctant to release a device that can dilute the attention to its next flagship, the iPhone 5.

Even Samsung wouldn’t want reviews of both a Samsung Galaxy S model and a Galaxy Tab tablet model appearing simultaneously. It makes perfect sense to prevent two internal devices to compete with one another. With a diminutive iPad and the next generation iPhone in the pipeline, Apple has a good opportunity to commandeer the mobile market in the lucrative holiday season. So, we should expect two Apple major events in the weeks ahead, with two of the biggest device hardware announcements so far this year.

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