iPad is the Most Hazardous Devices Used in Flights

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iPadMany of us tend to ignore flight attendants’ warning to switch off all portable electronic devices. We simply don’t believe than a tablet or smartphone could cause a significant issue. Many break the rules and simply put their devices to sleep during take off and landing. Arguing with a hardheaded businessman or a stubborn teenager can cause delay or even cancellation of a flight.

However, IATA (International Air Transport Association) said that our sophisticated gadgets may pose a much bigger risk that we often thought. Experts outlined that in many instances electronic interference were likely caused by electronic devices.

There was a case that phone’s GPS readings were disabled and clock spun backwards when a couple of laptops are used in passenger cabin. Apparently, iPad is the most hazardous device used during a flight followed by iPhone and BlackBerry devices. It’s easy to pin all the blame to passengers, but much of the responsibilities also fall on airlines and local aviation organizations.

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