iPad 7.85 inch

iPad 7.85-Inch may be Available in 2012

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iPad 7.85 inchOld rumors about Apple’s smaller tablet appeared again on Friday, when reports from suppliers were published in the media. Reports said that Apple may introduce a 7.85” iPad before Q4 2012. Many have dubbed it the “iPad mini and it will follow the iPad 3, which will be released earlier on 2012. Some supply chain sources claimed that the iPad 3 would indeed be available before Q2 2012. The smaller iPad 3 is definitely a way to deal with the more competitive tablet market. Many find 10.1” tablets too large when traveling and as the result they choose, smaller 7” devices, such as Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy 7.7 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus.  Some 7” tablets come with voice call, which are useful for those who find smartphones too small for productivity tasks and don’t mind using tablet for a phone. Apple’s former CEO, Steve Jobs tried to convince the market that a 7” tablet is too small and can cause some software development issues for Apple.

However, it was fully proven that early 7” Android tablet can decently handle common tasks, even if they use Android 2.x which is a smartphone platform. It appears that the success of Kindle Fire and large-screen phones changed Apple’s position on this issue.

The source said that Apple will get the 7.85” display from AU Optronics and LD Display and the production will commence before Q3 2012. Both suppliers send samples of 7.85” display to Apple back in October for evaluation and approval. To ease software conversion and reduce compatibility issues, the new tablet will have the same resolution as the iPad 2. This would also mean that the iPad Mini will have higher pixel density and consequently better image quality.

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