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iPad 3 RumorJust like other Android manufacturers, Apple will unveil its tantalizing tablet, famously known as the iPad 3, probably on March 3. Speculations about its features are rampant, but one can expect only the best features available, such as Retina Display, better camera, longer battery life, 4G LTE and quad-core processor. However, nobody has been able to confirm its pricing so far. Earlier, Sina Weibo, a Chinese microblogging website revealed information on iPad 3’s probable price. It is believed that the new tablet will be about $70 more expensive. If this rumor is to be believed, the cheapest model or the iPad 3 16GB WIFI will be about $570. While the 32GB and 64GB WiFi versions may cost $679 and $779 respectively. To achieve the Retina Display standard, the iPad 3 needs to have at least 1536×2048 resolution. Also 4G LTE connectivity and bigger battery are the reasons behind the slight price hike.

DigiTimes also reported that a cheaper, smaller version with 7.95” display will also be released. The Kindle Fire is offered competitively at $199 and it is suggested that Apple wants to expand its market share in the sub-$500 segment. 9To5Mac told us that Apple will unveil six different versions of iPad 3 that have similar price range to the iPad 2 and because Apple rarely raised prices, this is possible.

As always, Apple is bargaining on the fact that current consumers will purchase the latest version. However, each user has unique deciding factor and if the iPad 3 fails to deliver enough improvements, few will be convinced.

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