iPad 3 Review

iPad 3 Review

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iPad 3 ReviewWhen you use the iPad 3 for awhile, you may start to ask “isn’t the next device supposed to be thinner and lighter?” after years of using sleek devices, many would say yes. Compared to the iPad 2, Apple’s latest slate is 50 grams heavier. But you might likely to ignore the drawback when you see how marvelous the display is.

When the iPad 3 is compared side by side with its predecessor, you’ll notice that the images are much detailed and sharper, while the overall colors are brighter. Zooming on the texts and images on the new version doesn’t cause any pixelation, which is a good thing to those who are worried about eye strain.

The improved visuals are made possible with use of much more advanced A5X processor and the quad-core GPU. The iPhoto app is the best app to showcase the iPad 3’s improved graphic capability. It offers impressive grid-like photo albums.

The 5MP rear facing camera is a step up from the predecessor and it can capture 1080p videos. Videos and photos are not as grainy as you see on the iPad 2, but it is still a long way from what you from decent point-to-shot cameras.

Unfortunately, Apple opted out against integrating Siri, the popular virtual assistant we get on the iPhone 4S. As the new iPad has everything necessary to run the service, its absence is simply puzzling. Beyond all that, Apple still hasn’t addressed the long-standing complaints of its customers, no upgradeable external memory, no removable batteries and no microUSB port, if they are dealbreakers before, then the iPad 3 is still not for you. Source

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