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iOS Devices Have Significantly Better HTML5 Performance Compared to Android

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HTML5 iOS DevicesHTML5 will be the future of mobile Internet, as Silverlight appears to be too proprietary and Adobe Flash fails to catch on in mobile devices. In the meantime, reports find that iOS blows Android devices out of the water in terms of HTML5 rendering performance. Reviewers used PerfMarks methodology to determine image movements in each device, which is an important factor in gaming performance. In general, 30fps (frame per second) is the baseline for smooth gaming experience. Of the mobile devices tested, the iPad 2 proves to be the fastest; in fact, it convincingly beat out more powerful tablets like Asus Eee Pad Transformer and Samsung Galaxy Tab. This is a good example that winning the specs war doesn’t equal to delivering better real-life performance.

Another iOS device, the iPhone 4S, also scored well, maintaining 30fps while handling more than 200 moving objects. In stark contrast, majority of Android devices can only maintain 30fps while handling only a single object. Older iOS device, the iPhone 3GS can handle 53 objects at 30fps.

The Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) is currently the best Android device, but it can only manage 100 objects at 30fps. Major players in the tech industry –such as Microsoft, Apple and Facebook– have used HTML5 standards for web applications. Tests on HTML5-based games are valid, because the standard demands for greater hardware resources. It’s worth noting that Microsoft is also a huge supporter of HTML5 and it is safe to assume that Windows Phone would perform really well on similar tests.

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