iOS Android 80 Percent of Market Share

iOS and Android Combined Grab More Than 80 Percent of Market Share

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iOS Android 80 Percent of Market ShareiOS and Android devices are dominating the mobile space. They are outshining the rest of the competition and both have seen their market share grow progressively in just one year, with iOS accounting for 23 percent and Android 59 percent. The increase is significant, as during the Q1 2011, iOS and Android combined accounted for only 55 percent. The popularity of both platforms stems from a wide variety of factors that the competing platforms are struggling to keep up with. Neither iOS nor Android was the first to offer touch-based smartphones, but they have made user experiences significantly more seamless and intuitive.

Symbian was a long-time market leader and since iPhone’s entry in the market, Nokia mobile platform saw a dramatic decline. The Finnish phone maker is transitioning to Microsoft Windows Phone and it still fails to make an impressive comeback. RIM is still spiraling downward to 6 percent this year from a little over 13 percent last year.

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