Apple iOS 6 Enhanced Security Measures

iOS 6 Will Deliver Enhanced Security Measures

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Apple iOS 6 Enhanced Security MeasuresApple will be delivering significant changes with iOS 6 and one of them is more stringent security rules for users. The new OS version will prompt users when apps and services are trying to access private data. Earlier, observers and experts learned that many apps and services are uploading personal data, even entire contact lists, to remote serves without user permissions. Apple responded by revealing plans for changing how apps should gather data from smartphones.

Contacts, reminders, photos and calendars are now categorized as protected personal data and apps can no longer access them without permission. When apps really need to access personal data, developers can encourage users to approve the request for access by explaining why the data is needed and how the app will process it. The security debacle could be a slight embarrassment to Apple and it’s a good thing that Apple is trying to do something with it. Any IT company should understand that it is essential to protect users’ data and keep their privacy in mind.

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