iOS 6 Will Bring Siri to the iPad

iOS 6 Will Bring Siri to the iPad

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iOS 6 Will Bring Siri to the iPadWhen we first saw the iPhone 4S, it intrigued with the especially talkative and helpful virtual assistant, Siri. But since then, owners of iPad have wondered if Siri would become available for them. Today a rumor said that the iOS 6 may bring the virtual assistant to the iPad. Hopefully, in fall this year, the iPad will start to talk to its owner and offer all the nice feature the iPhone 4S currently offers. All features would be available except of course, any phone-related capability. Some had wondered whether Siri will be convenient to use on iPad, because the tablet normally sits further than an iPhone.

There’s also a possibility that the Siri on the iPad won’t be a full screen solution and it will be activated simply by holding the Home button quickly. It is not known if Siri will work on all iPad models, not just on the new iPad. Hopefully, Apple will showcase a Siri-enabled iPad at WWDC keynote. Earlier, some sources tipped that the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini will be released in September.

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