iOS 6.1 is Released Officially

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iOS 6.1Apple officially released the iOS 6.1 on Monday afternoon and it comes with a number of nice enhancements. The update adds more carriers capable of 4G LTE connectivity in Middle East, the Philippines, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark and Italy. Also, users can now ask Siri to purchase movie tickets through Fandango. The iOS 6.1 now re-enables users to use iCloud to download individual songs as the capability was removed in earlier updates. Apple also made some changes with Safari and in how Passbook stores boarding passes.

It is now easier for users to handle music interface on the lock screen and obviously, Apple’s proprietary mapping app also receive a few much needed enhancements and improvements. On iOS 6.0, the “Smart App Banners” occasionally changes JavaScript settings on the iPhone without users’ consent and the iOS 6.1 update fixes it.

It is now possible for users to reset the Advertising Identifier, which define how advertisers track user behavior on the Safari web browser. The iOS 6.1 update is 107MB in size and the users must have at least 1GB of free storage.

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