iOS 6.1.3 is Being Planned for Release

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iOS 6.1.3Previously, Vodafone advised their iPhone 4S users against updating their handsets with iOS 6.1, due to a number of crippling issues. It was reported that users were unable to surf the web, handle text messages and make phone calls, after receiving the update. The iOS 6.1.1 was released to fix these issues, but it was found to cause overheat and rapidly draining battery. It was also later found that the iOS 6.1 has a serious security flaw that allows hackers to break into a passcode-protected iPhone handset.

So, Apple didn’t have the time to fix this when they released the iOS 6.1.2 to solve the battery performance problem. It appears, things get a bit hectic among the iOS developer team and they still manage to quickly working on the iOS 6.1.3, which will patch the passcode flaw. The Beta 2 release of iOS 6.1.3 has been seeded to users and it may also include a few changes to the mapping services, specific only for users in Japan.

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