iOS 6.1.3 Causes Faster Battery Drain and Still Hasn’t Repaired WiFi Issues

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Apple iOS 6.1.3Apple pushed out the iOS 6.1.3 to solve a critical lockscreen security flaw, but users found that their handsets no longer last as long. In fact, some complained that the battery drains quicker even when the handset isn’t in use.

Normally, the phone would show around 99 percent of battery level remaining when the phone sleeps for 12 hours, but on some devices updated to iOS 6.1.3, the battery can deplete completely. With normal usage, the battery depletion rate is 1 percent every 7 minutes or about 8 percent every hour. However, it was reported that the iOS 6.1.3 emptied the battery only in 3 hours.

The update still doesn’t fix WiFi performance issue, which prevents users from acquiring proper signal strength. Some users are still affected by Bluetooth connectivity problem. However, Apple assures that current update can already fully solve the problem. It appears, Apple needs to roll out the iOS 6.1.4 update pretty soon.

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