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iOS 6.0 May Include A Feature to Better Manage WiFi Connection

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WiFi ConnectionWeak WiFi signal sometimes keeps us from using certain apps in Apple’s devices and this may no longer be a problem in the upcoming software version, the iOS 6.0. In the new iOS version, we might find the “WiFi Plus Cellular” option in the General>Cellular control panel. When we switch this toggle on, apps that can’t work due to poor WiFi signal would switch automatically to cellular connectivity.

To help improve usability, we can also apply some exception rules, such as using WiFi only for data-intensive tasks. This should prevent us from paying too much when using FaceTime or downloading music from iTunes.

This feature is developer-only for the moment and it might not appear on the stable release of the iOS 6.0. Nevertheless, Apple should consider adding this simple feature as it could allow million users to optimize their data usage pattern, without compromising their whole experience.

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