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iOS 6.0 is Affected by Wi-Fi Problems

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iOS 6Unfortunately for faithful iPhone 5 users, lackluster Maps service isn’t the only thing causing grumbling among them. New complaints are surfacing about poor Wi-Fi performance too. Reports on Wi-Fi issues are piling up on Apple’s forum and most of them related to poor connection quality and difficulty to connect to corporate networks. Some iPhone 4S users experience Wi-Fi connectivity problems after upgrading their phone to iOS 6. This issue doesn’t affect iPhone 5, although some owners encountered problems with LTE data transfer.  In more extreme cases, users of iPhone 4S recently upgraded to iOS 6 couldn’t enable Wi-Fi connectivity. Recently published reviews of iPhone 5 also confirm that Wi-Fi is a sore point in the smartphone, with very low data transfer rate.

Ideally, iPhone 5 is capable of delivering between 10 and 15Mbps of data and many users stuck at only 300kbps. The issue seems to affect only download speeds and upload performance appears to be normal. Hardware expert suggested that iOS may not communicate properly with the Wi-Fi chip and this should be remedied in the next OTA update. It’s a common fact in the computing world (including smartphones), that first adopters are vulnerable to glitches and it’s recommended to upgrade to a new platform only after minor updates have been released.

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