Intel Wireless Charging Device

Intel’s New Technology Allows Laptops to Work as Wireless Charging Device

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Intel Wireless Charging DeviceA few days ago, we saw Intel demoed a wireless keyboard at Computex 2012, which receives power via inductive charging technology. It appears, this wasn’t the only thing Intel has in its bag of tricks. Visitors came across a laptop with an integrated transmitter that allows portable devices, including smartphones and tablets to be charge wirelessly when the laptop is switched on. According to Intel, the charger is sufficiently slim and it won’t add bulk even to the thinnest ultrabooks. The smartphone also requires an additional receiver and it will begin charging when placed close enough to the laptop.

Intel also published a video that’s available in YouTube. Based on what Intel has shown us, apparently the portable devices need to be placed really close to the wireless charging transmitter in order for it to activate. But given we won’t need to pack a charger along with its troublesome cable, this still looks like a good solution for anyone who wants a quick charge. Like many devices displayed in Computex, there’s no word when it will make its way to the market.

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