Intel Will Soon Release a More Efficient Atom Processor for Mobile Devices

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Intel Atom ProcessorARM has solidly conquered the mobile space with its processor architectures and majority of the portable devices are using them. On a different realm, Intel is the undisputable giant in the PC and server industries; and it is still struggling to establish a strong foothold in handheld market. Mobile devices are much smaller with limited battery capacity. This necessitates a processor type that delivers optimal performance, dissipates less heat and consumes less power.

Intel has the resources and R&D capacity to deliver such kind of chip and it has a big plan of eventually expanding its domain. They are making all kinds of efforts to deliver something worthwhile, including releasing the AZ210 Medfield with its lackluster market performance. Intel’s engineers have been working day and night to come up with something better: The Atom Z2760. With the new chip, Intel has finally solved the inefficient power consumption issue and based on latest evaluations, the Z2760 seems to be on par with Qualcomm’s Krait, but slower than the ARM Cortex-A15. Mobile device manufacturers are now moving to ARM’s big.LITTLE octa-core platform and it seems Intel still has so much catching up to do.

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