Intel will Design an Apple-Specific Processor

Intel will Design an Apple Specific Processor

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Intel will Design an Apple-Specific ProcessorIntel is the king in the consumer microprocessor industry; it currently supplies chips for Apple’s Macs and MacBooks. The company is now angling to complete its domination by making a strong entrance in the mobile industry as well. After releasing the Intel Atom Medfield processor, it is aiming to replace Apple’s current ARM-based A-series processors used on the iPhone and the iPad. Intel will make its next mobile processor so compelling that it’s hard for Apple to resist.

Intel has the resources and manufacturing capability that are unmatched by the competition.    Most mobile chip makers are transitioning to 28nm this year, but Intel has the capability to manufacture 22nm mobile chips next year and 14nm in 2014. The company also has a large group of skilled hardware and software engineers that can fine tune a specific mobile OS for its processors. After the India-based Lava with its Xolo X900, both Lenovo and Motorola Mobility are planning to release Intel-powered smartphones. Intel Medfield was praised by many analysts and reviewers for its good performance and battery life.

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