Intel Said That It Will Easily Outperform ARM-based Processors

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Intel ProcessorsIntel recently took aim at ARM by claiming that its processors can outperform those based on ARM architecture. The claim was backed by a video that seems to show rather solid performance, although we don’t get to see comparison charts, like benchmark results. Intel made its point with the Lenovo K900, which is currently available only in China.

The phone seems to hold up rather well in the local market and it remains to be seen whether we will eventually see it in other countries. The Lenovo K900 might not be the brightest star in CES 2013, but it is definitely one of the best. It boasts a nice 5.5” IPS display and powered by Intel’s Clover Trail+ processor. We have no doubt that Intel is more than capable of making impressive performance. The video released may only serve to whet our appetite and urge us to find out more.

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