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Intel Releases Prototypes for Its Medfield SoC

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Intel Android SmartphoneIntel is an important participant in the tech world, thanks to its x86 technology, personal computers has become an inseparable part in modern society. In recent years, the chip maker has become a passive spectator in the mobile industry, as processors used in smartphones and tablets are based on ARM’s technology. However, Intel is planning an entry into the highly attractive mobile industry. Recently, Intel unveiled its latest mobile chips, which will power future smartphones and tablets. The processor is designed to support Android devices and Intel will start the production before Q3 2012. Dubbed as “reference designs”, these prototypes are released to inspire phone makers about the Intel’s latest processor.

Medfield is actually a part of the Intel Atom family and so far, no chip makers can seriously threaten ARM’s dominance in the mobile industry, in part because, ARM can deliver wonderful performance at low battery consumption. Atom processors were originally intended to provide low-power computing, and they have been used on most netbooks and some cheap desktops. However with Medfield, finally Intel can implement the system on-a-chip (SoC) technology to the Atom line. Previously, Atom processors distribute processing tasks across multiple chips, but now Intel can finally combine all functions into a single chink of silicon

Intel’s phone prototype looks remarkably similar to the iPhone 4, except for four buttons at the bottom. Also, instead of metal and glass, the case is primarily made from plastic. It is still running the Android 2.3.x (Gingerbread) instead of the newer Android 4.0. The phone can also play videos at Blu-Ray quality and stream them to TV. It comes with a 10Mp camera, with an impressive burst capability of capturing 15 full-size images per second, which suggests a powerful processor behind it.

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