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Intel Announces a New HSDPA SoC for Smartphones

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SoC for SmartphonesWith its Medfield processor, Intel is giving manufacturers of ARM-based mobile processor a tough fight and the new Intel SMARTi UE2p SoC seems to intensify the competition. Intel is planning to offer a cost-effective alternative of delivering HSDPA connectivity in low-cost segment. Not only the new solution significantly reduces the total manufacturing cost, it also simplifies things, allowing a much smaller footprint. The chip flaunts a 65mm-based design and reduces the component count inside a smartphone.

Battery life is often a main factor in buying-decision and the Intel’s solution integrates a power management utility onto the chip itself along with sensors needed to provide direct access to the battery status. The SoC is a perfect match with Intel’s slim modem family; the XMM62xx. HSDPA technology is already available on low-level Android devices that nearly touch the $100 price point, such as the Samsung Galaxy Pocket. It is still unclear how SMARTi UE2p will eventually influence the mobile industry.

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