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Instagram for Android Will be Released Immediately

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Instagram for AndroidInstagram is the leading photo-sharing service in the mobile industry and today, it boasts about 27 million users registered. Kevin Systrom, the co-founder said that about two-thirds of users are actively using the app. He said that the company is seeing a Facebook-level engagement and it is raising more money to ensure a stable, long-term service that creates lasting and meaningful values and doesn’t come and go with fads. The company also has one interesting thing up its sleeve; it will release an Android version of the Instagram app. Although Systrom didn’t give a complete demo, he did wave it around briefly while being on-stage. The service currently doesn’t include any ads, but it sells some interesting filters.

Launched a couple of years ago, Instagram tried a few unsuccessful field experiments, while the service have been a little too late in entering the highly competitive mobile space that includes Facebook Places and Foursquare, both co-founders noticed that their beta users were posting and sharing a significant amount of photographs. Consequently, they decided to make Instagram a mostly photo-sharing service. The release of photo-sharing service was perfectly timed with the release of the iPhone 4, a smartphone that’s capable of producing photographs with equal quality to what typical pocket cameras could do. The Instagram app was immediately a home run and easily grabbed top positions among other photography apps. On the first day alone, about 25,000 people registered. As a business, Instagram was able to scale up smoothly as they have a separate team that works on scaling entirely.

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