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Instagram For AndroidFor longtime users of Android smartphones, Instagram might seem like just another app. However, if you use Twitter and Facebook often, you may notice that Instagram links are popping out all over the place.

First of all, Instagram for Android is a social network that focuses more on image sharing and it’s a growing community with more than 30 million users strong. It is not only easy to share and edit photos but it also allows you to stay connected with relatives and keep tabs on friends using the integrated photo stream.

Registering to Instagram on Android devices is very easy, you only need to submit username, password and email address. Next, you can link into your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare accounts. You don’t need to worry about accidentally distributing inappropriate photos across all social networks as Instagram asks which account you want to share a photograph with.

When your Instagram account has been connected to other social networks, you can start snapping photographs with Instagram’s camera app, which features camera switch button and simple flash control. Beyond that, its camera features are quite elementary, there’s no zooming, crying and spot focusing. After you snap enough photographs, you can modify them using any of its 18 filters. While each of these photo filters is unique, most of them evoke vintage, retro feel. There are also options to enhance brightness, add border or rotate the photograph.

If you’re a social network addict and love sharing photographs from your smartphones, then installing Instagram is a must.

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