Instagram for Android Supports Tablet

Instagram for Android Now Supports Tablet

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Instagram for Android Supports TabletFolks in Instagram know that their app is very popular and they’re working hard to release new minor updates every so often to make users happy. Since the initial version of that went out last Tuesday, three updates have been released and the first two were mostly bug fixes. However, the third update (version 1.0.3) adds more support for devices: tablets and other Wi-Fi only Android devices.  While taking pictures or videos using a tablet isn’t the most convenient thing, it still feels very nice to be able to use Instagram on tablets. Unfortunately, for now the app only supports portrait view on tablets. Other than the expanded support for tablets, Instagram can now be moved to microSD card to save space on internal storage. The recent update includes a few bug fixes and performance enhancements as well, Updating the app is easy, visit Instagram’s page on the Google Play and tap the update button.

Users continue to appreciate super-fast bug fixing that developers of Instagram are doing. In the first 24 hours, Instagram was downloaded one million times and it is now inching toward ten millions mark. Android is free to use and it allows users to apply various photo filters to the any image. On the iOS platform, there are more 30 million users and Instagram is hoping to have similar success with the Android community, which is perfectly possible as Android devices are now dominating the market.

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  • alges

    Well, there you have it. Instagram may have millions of users, but it’s not for want of alternatives and definitely not because it’s so good. It just is, and that seems to be enough to spell out success. But it’s not enough for me to actually use it.

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