Nokia Windows Phone UI Leaked

Images of Modified Windows Phone UI is Leaked

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Nokia Windows Phone UI LeakedNokia is making a huge bet with Windows Phone and it hopes that the mobile platform can extricate the company from further decline. Microsoft and Nokia are close partners in the mobile industry and while Windows Phone is not open source, Microsoft granted special rights for Nokia to modify the user interface. Current Lumia devices use stock interface of Windows Phone.

However, modifying the stock interface may have a consequence. It might be more difficult for users of other Windows Phone devices to use Nokia’s modified UI. The middle ground is to offer users multiple UIs and allow them to choose the one that suits them most.

The new UI was actually created by a senior designer in Nokia’s R&D department and currently Nokia assumed no responsibility for it, as the designer no longer works for Nokia anymore. Some experts consider the modified interface undermines the beauty of the original Windows Phone design with obscured information and wasted space.

Microsoft’s permission definitely brings some risks as Nokia may come up with something worse than the stock interface; however it allows the phone maker to implement new technologies such as the 41MP PureView technology, the advanced mobile photography feature needs a proper software support to go with it. Unfortunately, the stock camera app of Windows Phone is both slow and terrible, you can’t tap to focus and zooming is implemented awkwardly. Sure, there’s no guarantee that Nokia can come up with something better, but it may end up doing something good.

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