iCam Will Significantly Enhance iPhone’s Camera

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Many amateur photographers are proud of the iPhone 4S because it is both handy and can produce amazing pictures. In fact, they find themselves taking out their DSLR camera less and less. With just simple digital enhancements, the iPhone 4S can take great shots, but an accessory concept for the iPhone can further enhance the iPhone’s camera capability. The iCam is a concept released by the ADR Studio for the iPhone 5. The mock up includes an iPhone 5 model with oval home button and larger screen. However, it’s not too hard to imagine the iCam is attached to the iPhone 4S.

The slim case includes interchangeable lens system and a front-facing display for taking self-portrait shots. The integrated pico-projector allows users to showoff their slideshows quickly. Although the concept may not come to reality, it is still a beautiful, tantalizing dream.

Apple heavily advertised the 8Mp camera as one of iPhone 4S primary advantages. It is sharper, faster and has 60 percent more megapixels. Unlike standard point and shoot camera, iPhone users can apply filters using apps like Instagram and Hipastamatic, creating old antique looks can be performed in seconds. Another significant improvement of iPhone 4S camera is its superb auto white balance performance, which allows users to accurate colors under a variety of artificial and low light sources.

Each of iPhone 4S images is relatively large for a smartphone at about 23Mb. We can safely assume that the iPhone 5 will have at least the same excellent camera or even a much better one.

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