Huawei Was The Third Biggest Smartphone Manufacturer in 2012

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Huawei SmartphoneThe global mobile phone market grew a little slowly through 2012 at about 1.9 percent. It isn’t too surprising that smartphones represent most of the total mobile phone shipments, at 45.5 percent. However, it may be surprising to some that Huawei became the 3rd largest smartphone vendors in terms of smartphones shipped.

This development comes at the expense of the Taiwanese device manufacturer, HTC that was kicked out from the top 5 list. The smartphone market is still dominated by Samsung and Apple, however there are still opportunities for other vendors to gain sizable market share in emerging markets.

Another Chinese phone maker, ZTE also performed admirably in 2012 and it lands in the 5th spot among smartphone makers. This is surely a significant shift in the global smartphone market as both phone makers are successful in capitalizing on huge market in Asia. Sony currently sits on the fourth position with 9.8 million smartphones shipped in 2012.

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