Huawei Emotion UI

Huawei Emotion UI Will Debut in July

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Huawei Emotion UIHuawei is known for its decently priced smartphone with incredible capabilities. The company isn’t sitting back on its success and it is reportedly set to launch a custom overlay called Emotion UI. Following in the steps of bigger Android device manufacturers, like HTC with its Sense UI and Samsung with the TouchWiz UI, Huawei is also aiming to lace its future Android devices with an in-house UI. As per reports released by the media recently, Ice Cream Sandwich is likely the basis for its Emotion UI although details are bit scarce at the moment. The grand unveiling will be at June 9 and devices equipped with the UI will be available at July.

As for now, we still don’t get leaked images or screenshots as to what the UI would look like, but the company simply describes it as being smart, simple and obviously, emotional. Stock Android 4.0 display offers users good usability value and custom-built UI can bring some additional interesting features. However when improperly implemented, a custom UI, like Motorola Blur, can easily take away great user experience and deprive users the essence of Android OS.

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