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HTC Titan Review

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HTC Titan

HTC Titan is among the most advanced Mango devices in the market with an imposing 4.7” Super LCD display. The phone is relatively large that you are going need to use both hands to work with the graphical interface. Mango may no longer be the newest, but it still impresses with fluid multitasking capability and a flood of other cool elements.

Unfortunately, Mango doesn’t support those fancy multi-core processors, but it still comes with the most powerful single-core chip available, clocked at 1.5GHz. It is a good thing that the Windows Phone 7.5 is a well-optimized platform, allowing brisk performance even when the WP 7.5 phones can only use single-core chip.

Another drawback is the rather limited 16GB of onboard storage, which is a bit frustrating considering the phone doesn’t have a microSD card slot. Owners of the HTC Titan should remember not to record many too many videos with the 8Mp camera as they tend to take up plenty of space. The camera has a dedicated physical button to get the phone ready for snapping quickly.

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