HTC Playstation Certified

HTC Will Release Playstation-Certified Devices in 2012

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HTC Playstation CertifiedPocket-Lint recently reported that HTC will be offering Playstation-Certified devices to customers in 2012; perhaps in MWC (Mobile World Congress), which will kick off later this month in Spain. It might mean; HTC will become an alternative to people looking for more dedicated mobile gaming.

It means, owners of certain HTC devices could have an access to a long list of PSone title. Think of the usual elegant HTC design, add in advanced smartphone features and finally gaming capabilities of Sony’s PSP, and we might probably obtain wonderful gaming devices on our hands later on this year. It is a potentially a huge opportunity for HTC, because the company can more actively participate in a huge multi-billion dollars mobile gaming industry. HTC will have one feature that can clearly distinguish itself from the rest of the competition. However, apparently the company won’t be getting Playstation-Certified status until after Q2 2012.

On the other hand, the Japanese electronic giant is having hard time selling gaming titles for its Playstation-certified smartphone. Many of its once popular PSOne titles are getting low sales figures; most are bought less than 1000 times.

Sony officials said that the company is happy in getting the Playstation-certified program out. Sony may believe that selling PSone titles is more profitable in the long run, than owning exclusivity in Playstation support.  The Xperia Play is definitely a revolutionary device and it has shaken up the market with the ability to play the once-popular console.

There would be a lot more titles to come; while PSOne titles may seem to have outdated graphics, they offer highly engaging and immersive gameplay that can rarely be matched by most Android games today. Many Android titles are characterized by casual gaming style, such as the Angry Bird series.

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