HTC Endeavor C2

HTC Will Release Endeavor C2 in Europe

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HTC Endeavor C2We have heard about HTC One V’s possible successor very recently, the HTC Proto, which will feature a 4” display and it’s expected to arrive later this year. Then, there are other rumors about a slightly higher version of the HTC One X, which will be powered by a 1.7GHz quad-core processor.

Again, we are hearing about a new upcoming smartphone called the HTC Endeavor C2, which could be another variant of the HTC One X, purportedly destined for the UK market and priced $8 higher than the International version of the HTC One X. The Endeavor C2 will also come with urBeats earphone, new color options and improved batter. It is speculated that if current accessories will fit with the new phone model, the chassis may be unchanged. Considering similarities with the upcoming HTC One X+, the Endeavor C2 could actually be the same phone developed for the European market. Unlike the original HTC One X, the Endeavor C2 will include a movie streaming store the “HTC Watch 2” and better voice call quality with the ClearVoice technology.

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