HTC Will Release an Update for the Droid DNA

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HTC Droid DNAHTC Droid DNA is an impressive device but it isn’t without its hassles and glitches. Fortunately, users will soon have the option to update the software and ditch any bugs. However, this isn’t a major update based on the Android 4.2 and there’s no word whether Verizon will ever release it for the Droid DNA. Still, enhancements included in the update should prove to be exciting for many users.

They include improved audio quality for wired earpieces and headsets, better WiFi performance, the ability to upload videos on HuluPlus, better contact list management, better Bluetooth connections for specific accessories, zooming capabilities in web browser, fixed time stamp on incoming messages and better Recent Apps feature.

HTC Droid DNA was the first smartphone with 5” full HD (1080p) display. The marvelous, attention-grabbing display is protected by the Corning Gorilla Glass layer and uses Super LCD 3 panel. The quad-core processor and LTE 4G capability are also among the phone’s strong points.

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