HTC Titan Review

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It is one of the best weapons in the HTC’s arsenal. The company is known for a series of well-designed phones, with exceedingly polished premium feel and the HTC’s new phone certainly fits that bill. The phone not only has an imposing size and good looks, it also packs a fast 1.5GHz processor, which runs the Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” smoothly. It can be quite easy to become a big fan of the Metro UI and you’ll find it a fresh alternative to the iOS and Android operating systems.

Titan’s huge 4.7” WVGA Super-LCD display is the real reason behind the phone’s impressive size. Unfortunately, the WVGA resolution might be a little too small for Titan’s display and pixels are visible when you use curvy fonts. When you zoom out a webpage in the browser, the letters can be noticeably blocky. However, the amazing screen shows off deep blacks and vivid colors wonderfully, although it’s not as rich as the display quality of Super-AMOLED screens. Even so, you’ll find it quite satisfactory for most tasks.

The 8Mp camera is supported by dual-LED flash and it can capture crisp 720p videos. The 1.3Mp front-facing camera allows users to perform video calls on AT&T’s fast HSPA+ network. Those who are interested in trying a Windows Phone, should give the HTC Titan a look and it is available for $200 under a 2-year contract. Unfortunately, the phone can be too large for those with small hands and the lack of expandable memory slot is certainly a major limitation. In addition some users complained about the poor call quality.

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